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The Wolf Nest began when I tried to find the perfect pillow for my three rescue dogs, Nala, Pandu, and Roxie. I quickly realized how hard it was to find a dog bed that functioned comfortably, but remained nice enough that I didn’t feel obligated to hide them when guests came over. I decided then to combine my love for animals and my passion for vintage fabrics and create my own pillows for my home and dogs. Using hand picked, vintage, and one of a kind fabrics; I made the first cushion. By honoring the integrity of the vintage fabric and the importance of comfort for my dogs, I was pleased to see how happy they were. Not only did the pillow enrich the style of the space, but all three of my dogs loved it! The bed had actually become an integral featured part of our home.

Our pets are family, and like family they deserve comfort in the space we provide. But it shouldn’t have to compromise the individuality and style within our home. With all of this in mind, I created the Wolf Nest. Our pillows serve and function perfectly for our pets, while also creating a design and style that enhances the one of a kind space they belong in.


We made an intentional and conscious decision to use locally sourced vintage fabric and hypoallergenic latex. That way, every pillow maintains its own authenticity, as it’s up-cycled and given a new life. Every detail is considered in terms of quality, functionality, and beauty.

Each cushion is lined with a zipper, making it incredibly easy to wash. Our insert pillow, also made with a zipper, allows each pet parent to add a personal item to your pillow, embodying your scent and helping to create freedom from separation anxiety. Each pillow comes with a velcro pocket filled with a lavender sachet, creating a sweet and long lasting scent for your home. Our high quality, locally sourced, organic latex helps the cushion stay clean, maintain its shape, and most importantly, aid in supporting your pets and their joints. The bottom of each cushion is made with a sturdy canvas, making it durable and it easy to brush off hair build up.


We believe in second chances, and like our fabrics we want animals to have one too. With each purchase made, we donate a portion of the proceeds to local Los Angeles based rescue centers that aid in saving at risk dogs and cats. These proceeds go directly toward their rescue efforts, aiding in emergency medical costs, and helping with any training process necessary in facilitating a transition toward finding them a new home. That way, as with our fabrics, they too can find a new and enhanced second chance at life! If we can make our pets and customers happy, then we can intentionally carry our message outside the home and into our community, by helping to find happy homes for animals that need one!