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My Denim products are designed, washed, and crafted to be timeless, blending function and aesthetic for the best possible result.

UBI-IND is a denim brand. Created by Ulrich “Ubi” Simpson, veteran of the industry, a comfortable jean turned to a denim lifestyle. We keep traditional techniques alive, innovating in fabrics, garment development, and manufacturing to achieve the gold standard in product excellence.

Our products are designed, washed, and constructed with the customer in mind. We work with the leading American manufacturers to ensure premium quality. Our products are made from White Oak Cone Denim, sourcing from the longest running cotton mill in America. We use Blue River laundry, a leader in sustainable waterless and laser technology. YKK USA sets the standard in buttons, giving our products secure two-prong tacks and hand pressed rivets.

Classic and timeless, our products are made to gain beauty with age. Classic Americana, military, vintage, and global design trends are our base. Inspiration comes from sail making to traditional Japanese dying. Innovative manufacturing processes, and democratized range of cuts, create visually distinctive and commercially appealing denim.