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Craft, Handmade, Etsy, Home Decor, Home Goods, Pottery And Ceramics, NOT MADE IN LA – But still COOL



I am a mold maker and cast plaster, concrete and resin originals and reproductions. I am a seventh generation statue maker. I have grown up in our family business A. Silvestri Co. fine statuary which has been in business since 1956 in San Francisco. Our family business is known for traditional European design. I have branched out into other realms of design, specifically, mid century modern.

I love incorporating air plants, succulents, and agave with concrete. I also have a passion for plaster and skulls. I drill holes in creative ways to display air plants! I love mixing textures and mediums. I love stretching the capacity of concrete to see what new things I can make it do – or do with it!

I also serge/sew and make fun bicycle helmet covers and cozy fleece capes.

I love to sew, glue, embellish, cut, twist, pour, mix. sparkle. braid, spray, paint and essentially make things!


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