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Welcome to Valley High.

The ultimate cool-girl, lifestyle brand straight out of SoCal. Contrary to popular belief, the “valley” in Valley High does not stand for any valley in particular but is more so a representation of the Southern California lifestyle and the ultimate school of baddies that we’ve created. We specialize in giving girls a complete collection with everything from boyfriend fit crewnecks to bodycon dresses because no girl wears the same thing every day. Every piece is developed and designed by co-founders Chanelle Laurence and Christian Ojeda, offering original prints and cut and sew pieces each season, all made in Los Angeles. Co-founder/Creative Director, Christian Ojeda has an extensive graphics background in men’s streetwear (Freshjive, Supra and Primitive to name a few) which he is now bringing over to the ladies’ side. Other co-founder/design director, Chanelle Laurence has a degree in fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and has years of experience operating her own e-commerce site as well as being a style blogger and influencer.

Our Valley Girls love streetwear but don’t mind wearing a dress or two when the occasion calls for it. They are the cool girls with style and are always up for an adventure. The have an affection for menswear but like to hold it down on their own, creating their own style and always making statements with their outfits. The Valley Girls the new squad on campus; slaying the style game and taking all the boys.

We’re constantly on the lookout for cool girls with great style to join our girl gang. No matter where you’re from you can rep the Valley High name…. as long as you’re about that life.

Made in LA.



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