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ZUZII FOOTWEAR Cut, Stitched, Crafted, Los Angeles – est 2010

FOUNDED IN 2009, ZUZII was born to fill a much needed gap in the children’s footwear market. Our brand was founded on simple principals ; minimal design meets maximum comfort. With a combined 30 years in manufacturing and the kids product industry we are collectively passionate about manufacturing in the USA.

With the collapse of the manufacturing industry in America our only option was to build the manufacturing facility. After 7 years we have a fully operational footwear factory in Los Angeles California and are excited by the continued growth and are so grateful for the support our customers have shown!


All zuzii footwear is Made to Order, this helps us reduce our environmental impact in the manufacturing process by allowing us to only create what is needed. In our process little to no waste is created. After your order is placed your shoes are cut, stitched, lasted, packed and shipped direct to your door.

In a market of replicas and poorly made imported goods, it is more important than ever to know about the products you purchase for yourself and most importantly your children. We believe in sourcing the BEST raw materials for our products. To put it simply when quality, sustainability, and people are more important than money it gives new meaning to the word value. There is extraordinary value in ethically produced goods that far exceed the value of a dollar. At Zuzii we want to provide this transparency because as a customer you have the right to know how your products are made and what they are made from.
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