#CoolHuntLA father’s day regram @Regrann from @dadthreads – WOW! I just enjoyed one of the greatest experiences of my life today and it’s almost funny how simple it was.. all you need is a pool & two pairs of goggles. Serena is our 5 year old daughter that has, just this weekend, figured out how to swim . . Now here’s the moment. She and I swam to each other under water for the first time and it couldnt have been more wonderful. Few things will test and challenge you the way this gig does. A question I get asked from time to time “How did you know you were ready to have kids?” It will for sure be different for everyone but for me, I can sum it up like this. I had grown tired of serving only my needs daily… . . Ready to step up? Want to build character? Fatherhood is the most honourable and challenging assignment a man will face in his lifetime. For all the dads that really put their children and their families above themselves. Happy Father’s Day from @dadthreads 👍👍 #Regrann

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