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Mien Studios wasn’t what it is today when I launched it in 2015. It was very different, with menswear included also.
I did my very first podcast interview with the wonderful Daphne of @thecreativityhabit. Daphne’s insightful questions led the way for me to share my childhood of moving between two different cultures growing up, which planted the seed for my starting this business @mienstudios. I shared the truth and difficult reality of having a business and still not drawing a paycheck for myself, why I abandoned my initial concept and the collection I launched Mien with and did a hard pivot to start a sustainable clothing line with mothers and modern women in mind. I talk honestly about how motherhood and entrepreneurship affects my marriage; and what my entrepreneurial pursuit means for my family.
Listen through the link in profile.
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Mon, 15 Jul 2019 19:13:36 +0000

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