@railcarfinegoods : RAILCAR UPDATE!! Thank you for following our company. 💙 #RailcarFelon2 is completed in production. What ever is floating around is it. Available at some of our retailers. We do have some available too. Some sizes already sold out. Railcar Felon 3 is just about to hit the production floor! Hopefully these will be at your local favorite retailer. We will be in the shop long hours to get these done for second Fall delivery. Just a reminder! The Railcar retail shop is open 7 days. Railcar Barber Shop @railcarbarbershop is open everyday but Monday. Limited Railcar Irish Setter are available on site and online. They’re selling fast so jump on it if you’re interested. New shipment of Railcar Apothecary and Railcar Detergent just in and ready to ship. As for the #Goldline001, we do have fabric, so feel free to order and we will squeeze it in. I will be cutting a few extra in each size. Thanks for following the brand. #railcarfinegood #denim #jeans #selvedge #madeinusa photog by @taylorofrailcar

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