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THIS SATURDAY @xanthiapink wi be #selling #magicalshit @silverlakeflea #silverlakeflea 💜 💎✨Did you know that LEPIDOLITE CRYSTAL is a natural anti-depressant?!💜💎✨ It contains lithium which is also an ingredient in the anti depressant medication! This first photo is the SAME CRYSTAL: LEPIDOLITE in its different forms! 😱🤤 In it’s Crystal form it is in the dish, In completely raw for it is the ball on the right (that almost looks like the skin of Falcor from Never-ending Story!😉) and then tumbled form is the wand!!! SWIPE TO SEE the crystal form that I wrapped into a necklace! 👏🏻😍💜👏🏻😍💜✨💎👏🏻😍💜 Lepidolite is also wonderful for bringing peace and tranquility and is a very calming crystal! Paired with rose quartz, it can be a stone of reconciliation! .
WHO ELSE LOVES SEEING THE AMAZING CRYSTAL FORMS?! I’m obsessed! ✨#xanthiapinkcrystals#crystalhealing #lepidolite#purplecrystal #handmade
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