Sersiouly another …

@butterscotchlbc : Sersiouly another epic weekend for the books. The shop is only going on 4 months open and already feels like we’ve been family the whole time.
Thank you to all the homies and friends new and old who came out to support.
Thank you @los_angeles_moto and @motorcycleshows for letting ButterScotch host such an awesome event for the best damn moto community around.
Shout out to @padrelbc for supplying tasty provisions and big thanks to the branded sponsors who pulled Hail Marys to have so much awesome product in the shop for all to enjoy!
Be sure to come by this week / next weekend and see all the new limited time exclusive product in the shop from brands like @vansonleathers and @nexxnorthamerica that are only here for a short time. Please send get well cards to as he strained his trigger finger dropping all the heavy photos on the BS feed this past weekend. Get well soon bud and I’ll see the rest of you all real real soon
✌🏼 – tommy

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