So long, this ephemeral …

@mimochai : So long, this ephemeral summer. 🌿☀️🍁 plus some process storyboards in the swipe 🙂 // Was asked to make a short narrative through six illustration panels, so I made this little sequence about the strange pace of time… or really just about eating ice cream 🙃😊✨This project involved three things I love at once: work for a dream client (was for VSCO entertainment), a little ode to my home dtla (which I’ve always wanted to do), and short visual narratives (I mean that’s literally Let’s Go Explore wah). So I’m happy ^^ Still can’t believe it’s already fall tmrw tho… 😱 (coincidental timing thanks to my slowness in finally putting this ‘video’ together. But look at that ice cream melt lol). Thanks again Julia 💛💛💛 #illustration #dtla #🍦 #needapopsicleorpaletaemoji

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