We curated the top “Made In Los Angeles” Tee Shirt Brands That You Should Pay Attention to for Summer 2018 ***** @badpickletees Foodie inspired – Pun infused Tees ***** @beangoods Radical goods and tees for doxie lovers. 🌭 Inspired by their wiener dog, Bean! ***** @BigBudPress The greatest brand in the universe. Size inclusive unisex […]

Here’s your “Made In Los Angeles Holiday Gift Guide PETS edition”. We searched everywhere to curate this list of 16 brands that we know you will love. **************** beangoods beangoods: radical goods for doxie lovers. inspired by our wiener dog, bean! https://www.instagram.com/beangoods | http://www.beangoods.com/ **************** bngmartin bngmartin: Luxury products for pets. Not only pretty. Pretty […]