We curated a list of “Made In LA” artist, illustrators, and paper artisans that make ridiculously amazing and unique cards, illustrations, posters and gifts. These are so good that we recommend that you send these with a frame. **************** FINEASSLINES FINEASSLINES is located in Los Angeles, CA. They’re dedicated to providing customers with hilarious, high […]

Entrepreneurship is hard. Finding a partner you can trust is hard. Working with your sister is hard. These three #MadeinLA brands make it look easy. ********************* Charlene & Vanessa “Clove & Ele” Clove & Ele jewelry design sensibilities are inspired by Los Angeles and London. Charlene & Vanessa artfully synthesize California’s effortless-chic attitude with London’s […]

Alice & Doris of ILootPaperie create goods with funny drawings that highlight their keen appreciation for puns and creative characters that remind you of the time in your life when you still look forward to recess. HOW DID YOU GET STARTED? We actually started working with paper goods by dabbling in custom wedding invitations for […]


Made In LA Brands