@paper_eight : PAPER 8 @ POOLTRADESHOW !!
We will be at POOLTRADESHOW at the Las Vegas Convention Center this August 12-14th. Space #50419 – mark your calendars !!
Originated by Matthew Warren in 2016, this contemporary clothing line features Warren’s pencil drawn designs, influenced by, and referencing cinema and pop culture on crisp white T Shirts and Sweatshirts. Observing the function of the Hollywood movie poster, each design dissects a particular film’s narrative through a singular image, a key frame, which encapsulates the film in a familiar, yet unexpected manner. He frames the film in a fresh way, via the re-imagined design, whilst keeping their nostalgic essence.
The PAPER8 flagship store is located at 716 N Virgil Ave, Silverlake, CA. Acting as an art installation, VHS players and dismantled TVs are utilized as shelving, and feature a wall stacked with VHS cases which double as packaging for the shirts. The store captures and highlights the brands aesthetic, the hybrid of art and cinema, which is visible in the illustrations and apparel designs.
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