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@railcarfinegoods : Taylor @taylorofrailcar in her nicely broken in #RailcarChoreCoat. These coats could be worn unisex. Ladies just size down one from your normally bought women’s jacket size. Taylor usually wears a small in women’s jackets. In the Railcar Chore Coat she wears a size extra small. The coat is 100% made in USA designed in a classic Americana style with our Railcar touches. American canvas fabric, American, hardware, American thread, American labels, cut and sewn in America. Coat gets better with age. Link in bio. If you’re planning on it for a holiday gift? Order right away as some sizes need to be made. #railcarfinegoods #rawdenim #madeinusa #jeans #denim #womenswear #coat #womensstyle #womeninraw #duckcanvas #adventure #hiking #explore #camping

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Unlike most other denim and clothing companies, every stage of our manufacturing takes place in-house at our workshop. From the beginning when company founder Steven Dang first started building garments, he found that using a large factory for production led to inconsistent quality and errors due to the numerous other brands being sewn simultaneously.

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Sun Oct 29 , 2017
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