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@mimochai : ** Update** Random winners have been chosen and notified! Thanks so much everyone, I read ALL the notes and tips and will need to find a way to collect and organize them 🐰💛💛 And maybe turn them into illos 😉 ** Giveaway ✨✨ Got to do this fun little illustration for @beautibi’s tote bag ^^ (they specialize in finding cool/new beauty brands from S. Korea and Taiwan). The owner was so sweet to not only send me a sample of how it turned out but it came filled with all these super cute products from their store 😭😭 Sooo thought I’d share some with you 😀 Two ways to win: (1) For two sets of two masks (4 total), tag a friend who’s into this kind of stuff 👯‍♂️👯 You guys can be mask buddies ^^ (2) For the tote bag itself, leave a comment w your best skincare tip or your fave skincare item. I genuinely just want to know 🐰 // You can enter both ✌️shipping included. Two randomly selected winners will be chosen in 24 hours aka tmrw. Thanks 💛 #notanadnotsponsored #illustration #beautygiveaway

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