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@yeahrightpress : Yeah Right Press started out as a one-woman (sometimes two- hi @meganbaylon 👋) screen printing operation a few years ago, but maybe you’ve noticed my interests have been evolving. My heart will always love screen printing, but my mind and body had been calling for a break for some time. I’ve hung up my printing hat for now, ceding the printing of my designs and custom projects to other skilled local printing pals. I learned to screen print from a one-day class at an art supply store, and then with lots and lots of trial and error (+ a few YouTube videos)… and I’ve run a business surrounding it for years since! When natural dyeing called so strongly to me, I questioned if I was ready to get my hands dirty again, and the answer came when I took another one-day class (hi @yesgraham!), a resounding YEP! I loved the process immediately and it clicked so naturally with what my designs have been saying for a while: plants freaking rule 🌿 Natural dyeing is accessible and so gratifying; thus far my experience with the community is one of sharing knowledge and spreading excitement. So here I go, dipping my toe into this very colorful pond (or dye pot?) and, like I keep saying, I can’t wait to show you what I’ve been making. (It’s like a two-week process front to back, though, so you gotta wait!!!) Happy to say that for now I’ll be hanging up my screen printing hat and putting on my natural dye hat, as pictured here 🙂
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