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@shopviaraiz : You can find so much beauty and inspiration in Mexico but what leaves a lasting impression is its people. Their warmth, hospitality, and generosity is enormous and their spirits, unbreakable. At this moment the Mexican people are united, helping each other in every way possible. Now, they need our help. Any amount that you can donate will be of great help. Remember, your dollar is worth 18 pesos. We recently were told of a great resource that has a list of all the organizations that are providing aid to Mexico. Through you can choose the organization that you would like to donate to and there’s a donate button right there, making the process super easy (check out our stories). Also, muchisimas gracias to @dearmilano , who is using her influence to make a difference. Andrea has created a successful @gofundme campaign, is hosting events, and hitting the streets of New York to raise funds for Mexico. Please visit her profile for a direct link to her GoFundMe campaign. We will continue to share information on how we can help from afar. Mexico te mandamos un abrazo cálido y fuerte. #fuerzamexico 📸 @hellomundo

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